DENT is committed to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, subcontractors, visitors and partners.

We recognize that safety excellence cannot be achieved without active participation from all personnel within the organizations structure. For this reason, DENT will only retain the services of those employees, supervisors, managers and subcontractors that demonstrate compliance with DENT stringent safety requirements and applicable legislations. DENT maintains a proactive commitment to safety execution, a commitment of engagement and ongoing analysis. For each project we undertake, DENT is committed to a thorough job hazard analysis to control and monitor daily, all known risks (previously identified, or as they arise).

It is an on-going process guided by our management, supervisory and safety teams. DENT is committed to assessing and addressing the various hazards and hazardous factors which are present on its worksites: situational; energy; human; chemical; mechanical; biological; environmental; and ergonomic. Identifying, assessing and controlling risks and their associative hazard is the highest priority; it is every DENT employee’s responsibility. DENT participates with all the major organizational programs and regulatory bodies who govern Safety certifications and qualifications; we are COR and SAFE certified, and a registered ISNetworld contractor.  

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