DENT is committed to providing quality services that meet or exceed the requirements of our clients and project stakeholders.

DENT was founded in 1974 by Jim Dent in Hope, BC.

We continually review and improve our quality processes to address ongoing changes within our business and pursue opportunities to improve quality through analysis of data, planning, and the setting of quality objectives. Management at DENT is committed to the continuous improvement of service delivery as well as the overall improvement of our Quality Management Program. The success of our Quality Management Program relies upon the co-operation and involvement of personnel at all levels. Our commitment to quality will ensure the continued success of DENT and the satisfaction our valued clients.

Head Office

20711 Bristol Slough Road
Hope, BC V0X 1L2

Suite 120 - 1815 Kirschner Rd,
Kelowna B.C. V1Y 6G3

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