Owner/Client: Innergex

Location: Tipella, BC

Dates: 2013 – 2015

DENT was prime contractor for the Tretheway Creek Hydroelectric Project located at the North end of Harrison Lake. DENT was retained to design build the run-of-river project for Innergex. 

This project required excavation and stabilization of rock of an area only accessible by boat for the majority of the project.

Personnel were required to scale the rock face, drill holes for blasting by hand pluggers and hydraulic drills, install rock stabilization anchors and meshing when a wall of 90-degrees was reached.

Slope was anchored and shotcrete for stabilization.

Amount of material excavated: Approximately 30,000 m3

DENT Management, field supervisors and QC personnel worked closely with Rock Engineers / Geo techs to complete this portion of the project within the required time constraints and without incidents. 

Due to the unique hazard of this excavation being in an area with boat access only, DENT had to not only adhere to Provincial Legislation but also Federal. They were able to complete all works without any reportable incidents.

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