Owner/Client: Innergex

Location: Tipella, BC

Dates: 2013 – 2015

DENT was prime contractor for the Tretheway Creek Hydroelectric Project located at the North end of Harrison Lake. DENT was retained to design build the run-of-river project for Innergex. 

This project had one intake structure that spanned 60m across Tretheway Creek. 

To safely construct this intake structure, DENT was required to develop a diversion channel to enable continual water flow during construction. DENT worked closely with the team to ensure the natural habitat and creek flows weren’t disturbed. This included cleaning equipment prior to working in creek, fish and frog salvages, and environmentally safe oil within the machines. Creek flows were diverted slowly to ensure minimal sediment in creek. Sediment in the creek was monitored for the entirety of the project.

The intake structure was designed with a Coanda screen, regulation chamber, spillway, sluiceway, head gate, and fish ladder. 

Upon excavation of the head pond / intake structure foundation, DENT was required to coordinate with multiple Geotech’s and Rock Engineers to develop a plan for securing the substantially sized structure to the smooth bedrock. This plan led to drilling, blasting and installation of DCP anchors to prevent unintentional movement from occurring.

DENT was also required to divert and redivert Tretheway Creek to ensure minimal impact on the local environment while constructing this structure. DENT was also required to conduct fish salvages and frog salvages as well as adhere to strict environmental protection plans to conduct this work.

This project was completed on time, and on budget. 

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