Owner/Client: BC Hydro

Location: Site C – Fort St. John

Dates: 2018 – Current

Scope of Work: 

DENT Ltd. partnered with F&M Installations on the Site C Substation Project to complete the civil work portion of the project. Located in the Fort St. John area, the Site C Substation project is a new 500 kV substation that will connect five new 500 kV transmission lines. These lines consist of two 75 km transmission lines to the Peace Canyon generating station and three 1 km transmission lines to the Site C powerhouse. At nearly 400,000 square meters the Site C substation is one of the biggest stations BC Hydro has constructed in its history, it is the equivalent of 48 football fields.  The scope of civil work on this project included excavation for equipment foundations, control building, oil containment systems, grounding grid, cable trench and drainage, foundation preparation, reinforced concrete including formwork, rebar, concrete placement and curing, backfill of all structures, site drainage, road construction, cable trench installation, fencing and placement of insulating gravel.

Some of the more noteworthy volumes associated with the project are highlighted below; 

  • Construction of 1500 concrete structures
  • 10,000 cubic meters of concrete placed
  • Excavated and placed 250,000 cubic meters of soil/backfill
  • Manpower peaked at 95 personnel on site with a total of 164,000 manhours  

Key Milestone Dates/Activities:

Due to the size of the project, strategic coordination of workflow was required to achieve critical milestone dates. Multiple crews were employed on a rolling shift to maintain a continuous work program that allowed for earthwork and concrete operations to run in parallel without issue. DENT was able to staff the project despite the significant resource draw associated with the construction of the Site C Dam site that required 1000’s of workers. 

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