Owner/Client: Bluearth Renewable

Location: Sechelt, BC

Dates: 2016-2018

Design build (EPC) construction of three separate run of river hydro power plants that will provide 33 megawatts of power. Construction of intakes, powerhouses, concrete pedestals and the installation of steel penstock, HDPE penstocks, and fish conservation ponds.

DENT was Prime Contractor for the full scope of the Narrows Inlet Hydroelectric Project, this scope included the design, build and execution of five (5) separate intake structures. Listed below are some of the key highlights from the design and build process of these intakes.

Chickwat Intake: Construction included the head pond excavation and construction, concrete works for the structure, and installation of a 25m long Obermeyer Weir, trash rack, two (2) coarse racks with stop logs, sluice gate, intake gate, and penstock filling gate. This structure also incorporated a complex fish ladder complete with ponds.

Kid Creek & Mountain Goat Intakes: These two (2) intake structures are tributary intakes to the main Chickwat Intake. The Kid Creek Intake was located in a narrow passageway which required DENT to be innovative on diversion methods to safety build this structure. DENT was able to use pumps to divert the water around the structure site and complete the concrete in three (3) pours. This entire structure and headworks was completed in only five (5) weeks.

Lower Ramona Intake: This intake structure is compromised of a 10 m long Obermeyer weir, regulation chamber, two (2) coarse racks with stop logs, a 2m sluice gate with electronic actuator, trash rack, filling gate and IFR Channel. DENT was also able to construct a tributary intake structure that feeds water into the Lower Ramona Intake.

Marten Creek Intake: This intake structure is a small tributary intake to the Lower Ramona Intake. Marten Intake consists of a Tyrolean style weir, a small regulation chamber, and a combination concrete and earth dam cut off wall.

Chickwat Powerhouse, Upper Ramona Powerhouse and Lower Ramona Powerhouse: Construction included the excavation of 20,000 m3 rock and 30,000 m3 of soil. DENT placed over 5,000 m3 of concrete to complete this powerhouse structure of a minimum 35mPa concrete strength. The duration of these structures’ construction was 6 months.

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