Owner/Client: WindRiver Power

Location: Hope, BC

Dates: 2016 – 2018

Design build (EPC) construction of a run of the river hydroelectric project to generate 11 megawatts of power. The construction of this project consisted of two intake structures, one powerhouse structure, and installation of both steel and HDPE penstocks.

DENT was Prime Contractor for the design and build of the 11mW hydroelectric facility located at Hunter Creek. This project boasted a main intake structure and a tributary intake. 

Main Intake: DENT’s scope included designing and engineering the structure, excavation and diversion of the creek, concrete formwork, placement, and finishing, installation of stop logs, sluice way, penstock head gate, trash rack, and Obermeyer intake structure. 

Tributary Intake: This tributary intake structure is comprised of an intake weir, sluiceway, stop logs and concrete structure. To divert the tributary creek DENT installed a temporary bridge structure.

Both intakes for the Hunter Creek Hydroelectric Project required strategic planning to ensure minimum diversions and re-diversions were achieved to minimize environmental impact. 

In November 2017, DENT was nearing substantial completion of the Hunter Creek Project when the Hope BC area was hit with in excess of a 100-year flood event – this event caused mud and debris slides above the intake structures, and higher water levels then anticipated when the blockages from the slides were released due to water pressure. Although there was significant re-routing of the natural creek paths due to the increased volume of water flow, both structures sustained minimal damage and were structurally sound post flood event. DENT was able to mobilize personnel into the area when the roadway was reopened by the Ministry of FLNRO and repair the structures with minimal delay from initial commission date.

DENT prides themselves in quality products and following engineering that ensures the life expectancy of their products are met if not exceeded. This rain event proves the capability, quality and investment of using DENT as a contractor.

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