Health & Safety

The priority we place on safety is fundamental to our business. We conduct in-depth analysis to find potential hazards and mitigate the risk. The safety of our employees, partners, and the communities we work in are of the highest priority. 


Reducing risk while supporting one another

Safety is the bedrock of our work. We begin each project long before we put boots on the ground by assessing levels of risk and providing the tools and training required to mitigate risks. Our projects are led by experienced safety professionals who work alongside project leadership to ensure a safe work environment for all. 

As a BCCSA COR Certified company DENT has demonstrated safety practices and systems that meet industry standards and are committed to reducing risk to both people and projects. Our safety programs are designed to identify the requirements of each worker and support their ongoing training and development to keep every employee, contractor, and community safe when working on-site.


Exceeding expectations with highest safety standards and delivering results


Learning never exhausts the mind

Our commitment to safety includes the ongoing training & development to keep our crews’ knowledge and skills up to date with current industry standards. We approach this pillar as a practice in continuous improvement and use online platforms to deliver and monitor training, and to capture statistics for reporting and meeting regulatory requirements. This ongoing improvement of skills and training is what keeps DENT positioned as a safety leader in the industry.

DENT is proud to be BCCSA COR Certified and continues to implement health and safety systems to represent our commitment to meet the national COR standards for our industry.
To be SAFE Certified means that DENT is more reliable and efficient, has reduced incident and injuries and has proven reliability, quality and competitiveness working in forestry.
DENT’s commitment to safety is represented in our ongoing training and development. Our membership with Cognibox helps us manage our training and record of employees’ qualifications.

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