Our commitment to community extends across the Western Canada, and is focused on three distinct themes: 

  • education and business development
  • health safety security, and environment (HSSE)
  • community sustainability

    These drive our involvement to ensure our contribution has a meaningful impact. Our sense of community is shown by leaving people and places better than we found them, and we continually do this through fundraising and supporting local campaigns and initiatives.


      Connecting people to projects to progress

      Our work goes beyond creating connections within one community. It's about creating connections between multiple communities, and strengthening the foundations that enable people to make progress for themselves and others in a way that transcends traditional boundaries of geography, race, culture, and class. We focus on creating cultural bridges, working through language barriers, and bringing people together from all walks of life.

      DENT has operated in a number of small communities throughout the province. Our engagement in these places has continued to develop over the years and continues today. Connecting to these communities has helped provide a network of support and in return we offer our knowledge, resources, and inclusion where we can. Our investment includes working opportunities, participating in community events, and financial support. Our involvement is centered on the greater good of community and our province.


      Committed to our craft, our people, and our communities


      Innovation. Commitment. Community.

      For years, DENT's community spirit has been driven by our employees - driven by more than a request for donation but by our people’s desire to give and be meaningfully involved.  Our outreach has included our hometown of Hope, BC, communities across the province, and programs that help feed, shelter, and support those in need. It starts with one influencing many and results in DENT being a united team -  donating, supporting, and building.

      Get in touch

      We invite you to reach out and connect with us.