Strategic Solutions to Complex Projects

DENT is an expert in building power generation projects and known for delivering run-of-the-river clean energy and hydroelectric projects. The DENT team delivers full dam construction, penstock installation, and modifications and repair.

Our skilled teams have performed work on many of the power-producing facilities across the Province. Known for overcoming challenging conditions, the DENT team completes our work and is known for accomplishing complex projects at remote locations, with limited access, and rough terrain.

Our Specialties at a Glance

DENT has developed expertise in Hydroelectric projects


Over the years, we have developed an expertise in Hydroelectric projects by providing critical support to power generation throughout B.C. Our work includes repair and ongoing maintenance of existing dams, their infrastructure, and EPC run-of-river projects. These projects provide us the opportunity to showcase our unique ability to support Hydroelectric power generation while overcoming complex challenges from environment, terrain, and accessibility.


DENT clears and creates access for large transmission line projects to be completed in remote areas. Our assignments are technical and challenging due to conditions that allow only air or water access points for heavy equipment. Our work creates space for the foundation work, power poles, towers, and other systems resulting in the construction, upgrade, and maintenance of transmission lines.

DENT has developed expertise in Transmission Line projects
DENT has developed expertise in Substation projects


DENT has been constructing substations since the early 1990's. These projects exist throughout BC and vary in size, access, and complexity. A project of significance for our organization was completing the civil portions of one of the largest substations to date in Western Canada: Site C Southbank Substation. DENT’s history of constructing these projects has shown effective risk mitigation and advanced knowledge of methodology resulting in the highest quality product.

Featured Power Project



The Narrows Inlet Hydro Facility is located at the northern end of the Narrows Inlet, in the Tzoonie River Valley. The facility is owned by tems sayamkwu Limited Partnership, a partnership between the shíshálh Nation and BluEarth Renewables. The system consists of 3 separate powerhouses that generate a total of 33 megawatts.

DENT delivered full EPC services for the civil scope of the project, this included the design and construction of intakes, powerhouses, installation steel penstocks, and development of fish conservation ponds. In addition, DENT also developed the access and laydown…

narrows inlet  project