Oil & Gas

Supporting Remediation, Reclamation & Restoration

We are a leader in construction associated with Oil & Gas projects. From pipeline clearing and facility preparation, to blasting, survey, and road construction, DENT has honed its skills to be a strong ally to the Oil & Gas sector. Our depth of experience has made us an asset to all experts working on a pipeline project, and our understanding spans the life cycle of the project to ensure the stakeholders are able to bring a project to successful completion regardless of its stage.

Our Specialties at a Glance

DENT has done clearing work for same of the largest projects in BC's history

Clearing & Civil

DENT is known for our clearing & civil works from the major projects we’ve worked on throughout B.C. including the Northwest, Lower Mainland, and Kootenays and includes some of the largest projects in BC’s history.


DENT provides the infrastructure necessary for oil & gas projects to succeed. This includes the preparation and installation of amenities, laydown yards, and the ongoing development of a pipeline installation. Our complement to construction is our traffic division ensuring the roadways stay safe during construction whether operating our own equipment or controlling traffic while other experts complete their work.

DENT provides essential infrastucture for the success of Oil & Gas projects
DENT works with environmental experts to ensure land is restored back to it's natural state


We are strongly committed to being a responsible corporate citizen. Part of this commitment is an in-depth understanding of the regulatory requirements around effective land management. We work with environmental and mining experts to restore the land back to its natural state so vegetation and natural habitats can thrive.

Featured Oil & Gas Project

Oil & Gas


Working with the Haisla First Nation DENT performed Right of Way clearing and preparation activities on the Right of Way in the Kitimat region of the Coastal Gas Link Project.

Clearing work included forestry logging, processing, hauling of timber, and additional road building for the pipeline. The work was delivered in some of the most rugged terrain on the project with out a safety incident. Due to the remoteness and constrained access, helicopters were used to support clearing in some areas.

DENT also performed access development and upgrades of roads to allow for the pipeline…
coastal gas link  project