Some of the past projects we have worked on:
  • Narrows Inlet Hydroelectric Project 
  • Narrows Inlet Transmission Line 
  • Hunter Creek Hydroelectric Project 
  • Narrows Road and Bridges Project 
  • Tretheway Hydroelectric Project 
  • Northwestern Transmission Line 
  • Columbia Valley Transmission Line


  • Full EPC Hydroelectric Projects
  • Dam and Spillway Modifications
  • Penstock Installation
  • Structural and Gantry Crane Upgrades
  • Sluiceway Modifications


DENT has been working on Hydroelectric projects for most of its existence. From dam upgrades to full EPC Design Build, DENT’s team has developed vast experience working on new and existing power generation facilities, subsequently gaining a broad understanding of safety procedures and the operational systems of the facilities.
DENT has performed work on many the power producing facilities across the province, and over the last ten years has delivered three Run of the River generating plants (full EPC). Rough terrain, limited access, and remote sites are all challenges we have developed a talent for overcoming. With DENT’s experience and skillset, we can deliver your Hydroelectric project no matter its complexity or size. A commitment to ongoing collaboration with the clients and partners throughout the projects has resulted in safe and profitable outcomes and satisfied stakeholders.

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