Some of the past projects we have worked on:
  • Narrows Inlet Hydroelectric Project 
  • Narrows Inlet Transmission Line 
  • Hunter Creek Hydroelectric Project 
  • Narrows Road and Bridges Project 
  • Tretheway Hydroelectric Project 
  • Northwestern Transmission Line 
  • Columbia Valley Transmission Line


  • Hand and Mechanical Falling
  • Brushing and Grubbing
  • Road Building
  • Heavy Hauling
  • Right of Way Clearing
  • High Angle and Heli Logging
  • Waste Disposal



DENT forestry department is led by a team of experienced forestry and logging personnel. These personnel have the skillset and experience in a wide variety of terrain and their associated forestry activities, including survey/layout to hand/machine clearing and processing/removal and finally the reclamation of the felled areas.
DENT has completed hundreds of kilometers of right-of-way clearing, a process which includes hand falling, mechanical falling, brushing/grubbing, and waste wood disposal.  With DENTs skilled and knowledgeable forestry team, DENT can assess areas within the project and always plan for the safest option. The vast variety of equipment DENT owns, including hauling equipment allows for quick mobilization of the specialty machines to tackle any situation. DENT has developed solid relationships with many forestry contractors across British Columbia and often collaborates when needed.

Head Office

20711 Bristol Slough Road
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Suite 120 - 1815 Kirschner Rd,
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