Some of the past projects we have worked on:
  • Narrows Inlet Hydroelectric Project 
  • Hunter Creek Hydroelectric Project 
  • Narrows Road and Bridges Project 
  • Tretheway Hydroelectric Project 
  • Tipella 13-lot Subdivision 
  • Sloquet Transmission Tower Erosion Protection


  • Site Preparation
  • Grubbing and Hauling
  • Bulk Excavation and Grading
  • Slope Stability
  • Drilling and Blasting
  • Road Building
  • Scaling
  • Infrastructure
  • Restoration


DENT earthworks department is led by team of superintendents and foreman with decades of experience under their belts, each of them from different backgrounds, bringing their strengths to the team. 

DENT employs only the most qualified heavy equipment operators, those with outstanding safety records for our projects. In our peer to peer training and review process we surveil all new employees to ensure that the operators on site are as committed to quality and safety as DENT is. The nature of our projects and their rugged landscape environments demand the highest level of experience and confidence from our operators. DENT is committed to developing our crew from within. As our team is continuously growing, we have implemented the “green hat/ employees in training” program. DENT’s new employees are under the supervision of the earthwork’s superintendent and continued mentorship of our more experienced operators. We take pride in training and developing our operators and in turn have seen very low turn-over and a strong dedication to our company.

DENT operators are precision skilled and more than your typical dirt movers. On our hydro projects the operators set the penstock, place gates, build retaining walls, and more. As DENT has installed Trimble Machine Control systems to our fleet of excavators, our operators are able to tackle complex excavations, complete multi-layer backfills and fine grading with minimal support. DENT has seen great benefit to the new machine control system including improved efficiency and schedule gains.

Head Office

20711 Bristol Slough Road
Hope, BC V0X 1L2

Suite 120 - 1815 Kirschner Rd,
Kelowna B.C. V1Y 6G3

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