Some of the past projects we have worked on:
  • Narrows Inlet Hydroelectric Project 
  • Hunter Creek Hydroelectric Project 
  • Tretheway Creek Hydroelectric Project 
  • Thirsk Reservoir 
  • Mica Dam 
  • Bunzen Spill Way 
  • Bennet Dam


  • Transmission Line Foundations
  • Substation Foundations
  • Columns and Footings
  • Dams
  • Spillways
  • Oil Containment
  • Tunnel Reinforcement


DENT core management team is comprised of red seal carpenters and highly skilled builders that have the knowledge and experience to plan, schedule, and budget the heavy civil work that DENT performs. For decades the company has retained its key personnel which demonstrates the loyalty and commitment of our crew and speaks to the kind of company that DENT is. DENT strongly encourages development through our successful apprentice and mentorship programs.

The carpentry team oversees more than the forming and concrete aspect of construction. Other responsibilities include the installation of gates, cranes, misc. metals, and embeds. Their work starts at ground breaking and carries through to commissioning and sign off. Within the DENT carpentry team is a wealth of knowledge and experience in hydroelectric related construction. 

With our decades of experience and fine-tuned team, DENT seeks out challenging and complex projects to satisfy the appetite of our team and demonstrate our position as an industry leading contractor. 

Head Office

20711 Bristol Slough Road
Hope, BC V0X 1L2

Suite 120 - 1815 Kirschner Rd,
Kelowna B.C. V1Y 6G3

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