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DENT has an experienced survey department capable of providing all of the survey requirements to support construction. Our crews use the most up to date Trimble software and robotic equipment for earthworks and structures layout. The S6 total station will be used for setting and “as-building” structural components and critical earthworks. This robotic system combined with the skill of our surveyors is accurate to +/-0.003m. The survey department formulates quantities, creates layout files and processes data with Auto-cad Civil 3D, the industry standard. Having a skilled CAD draftsman allows DENT to receive digital files and extract additional survey data without inundating the designers with as- build and file prep requests. DENT can quickly communicate design optimizations with our engineer in design language which expedites the process and reduces production time losses.
Working along side the earthworks crews the survey department provides cut information, daylights, elevations and locations, and a plethora of information as needed to support construction. Foundations are surveyed before backfilling, backfill is surveyed before finish works, and finish works are surveyed for the final turn over package. Survey estimates, tracks and manages the processed materials on site to ensure there is adequate volume of material to complete the job. Using the LiDAR surface, survey will calculate total excavation and make optimizations such as cut-fill balance or reusable material volumes.
Structures are confirmed to design before every pour by means of formwork checks and as-build afterwards for record drawings. The survey department works closely with the carpentry crews to build the work to the highest accuracy and quality. Key components of a structure’s as-build include all embedded components, drains, weld plates, vents, gate sills and guides, construction joints and block outs. Combined with ground topo’s the survey department will be able to estimate the volumes of concrete in preparation for batching and pouring.


The DENT quality department is a boots on the ground department, actively involved in the day to day operations of the job. Working closely with the engineers and on-site management this department quickly identifies and resolves everyday construction issues. They take great care to record and manage an extensive library of samples and tests from start to finish.
This department has trained professionals and accurate testing equipment to ensure every aspect of the job is built according to specification. The onsite CCIL quality lab is equipped with instrumentation to conduct proctors, sieves, concrete breaks, and more. DENT radiation safety officer (RSO) and QC staff are trained to transport and conduct testing with a nuclear densometer to ensure compaction specifications are met. Thorough rebar inspection, foundation acceptances, pre-pour inspection, concrete placement, curing temperature, and batch tickets are completed and documented for every pour. This packaged process captures all the embedded components, the pour volumes, all verifications, sign off and are always attached with backup photographs. On concrete pour days the quality department is there from start to finish conducting all CSA required verifications and testing.
DENT takes great pride in delivering the highest quality and craftsmanship and the quality department works diligently to uphold our high standard of work. The department’s commitment to quality and knowledge of the specifications have had a significant impact on the design build process. DENTs QC team has solidified the relationship between contractor, designer, and owner. We have founded a resolute trust between us and proven that DENT really does build the best.


DENT can offer full service electrical and mechanical services for your project. Its team has participated in the construction of more than half of the IPP Hydroelectric facilities in commercial operation in BC, and routinely performs scheduled and emergency service for several our clients. We have also provided electrical services to several mines and industrial sites.

We can provide the following services, either in house or through our partner companies:

  • Submarine cable design, construction, repairs
  • Transmission line design, construction, and repairs
  • Specialty high voltage cable work
  • Fiber optic installation and repairs, including splicing and testing
  • General electrical installations, repairs and testing
  • Right of way clearing, maintenance, and danger tree assessment and removal
  • Substation design, construction, and service, including protective relay programming and testing
  • Control system design, installation, and service, including PLC/HMI programming, modifications and troubleshooting
  • Millwright services, including equipment installation, alignments, pressure piping, lubrication and hydraulic systems service



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